13 August 2008

Six things...

Rosebud Collection had an award on her blog that was passed onto her by another etsian and she passed it on to all of us...her readers...the award is about gratitude and asks that you list 6 things you're thankful for...so here goes...

Six things I am thankful for today
1 My and my family's heath
2 Airconditioning in Texas
3 Living in the USA
4 Discovering and being involved in Etsy (does that count as two?)
5 Grosgrain ribbon (green)
6 Giggling

Ok, I will pass along the Rosebud Collection's challenge...please make a list where ever you like of six things you're thankful for. :)

1 comment:

Princess Caitlin said...

Oh, fun! I love being thankful. I don't do it often enough.

I don't know if I replied after your comment on my blog, but thank you. :)

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