29 November 2010

Eco Monday: Reusing Paper

Be sure to check out this great article on yahoo green about what kinds of things you can do with paper like junk mail and magazines. There are some great ideas with links to tutorials!

28 November 2010

Eco-Chic Gift Guide on Etsy

Stuff Your Ruck Sack!!

In case you're wondering what a ruck sack is, it's a back pack in American English. Why the vocabulary lesson? I learned about a great site I'd love to share with you! 

The site stuffyourrucksack.com has tons of lists of charities and NGOs that are helping specific groups of people all over the world. If you'd like to help them, you can read about them and what they are doing and what they need. If you have a little extra room in your luggage, you can take a few things to them from their list. Many groups will let you set up a tour to visit them and drop off supplies while you're in the area.

My friend, Mel, is working at Village of Hope in Grabouw, South Africa. They are in need of children's football kits, netball equipment, Disney DVDs, children's games, and coloring books. So if you're headed that way, please toss a few of these items in your ruck sack and drop them off.  The Village of Hope or any of the other organization on the  list would be delighted to have your help. Please pay it forward.

26 November 2010

Black Friday Sale!

Just for my blog readers this Black Friday, here's a an extra special deal! Get 10% off your entire order in my shop (excluding postage) by using this code in notes to seller 10BLACKFRIDAY.

Happy Shopping!

Consider this while doing your holiday shopping...

With it being the biggest shopping day of the year, you've made a shopping list, a budget, and a mental list of places with great sales you want to check out.  But before you go bouncing out the door to get your shopping done, think about these things...

-where is what you want to buy coming from? country of origin?
-what kind of labor is being used to make that item? adults or children?
-is the person who made that item being paid a fair wage?

With these thoughts in mind, please consider shopping local and supporting the US economy. Try supporting the mom and pop shop in your area. Think about shopping the area craft fairs for gifts for your family and friends.

I discovered the Products of Slavery site today and found it sad to see how many places child labor or forced labor is being used. Please be thoughtful when you do your shopping.

20 November 2010

Saturday Search: Jingle Bash 2010

Are you ready to Jingle? Bring your holiday shopping list and get your shop on!

Today at the Palladium in the Lone Star room from 2-8p. Click here for deets and to get a map!

14 November 2010

Jingle Bash: Bag Sneak Preview

So, this year the Jingle Bash Goodie Bags are gonna rock even more than in previous years! In addition to the goodies that are always inside there's more...

This year, they are printed in one color and they come with a little embroidery kit so you can sassy them up any way you'd like!

There are only 50 bags each year and are given to the first 50 shoppers to show up at the Bash. So get there early and grab a bag -- they always go fast! All the details are here.

13 November 2010

White Rock Local Market

Today the White Rock Local Market will run from 8a-1p today and will have local food, local goods, art, earth friendly goods, clothes and more. There will also be music by Wattson Electric from 10:30-1.

The market is at The Green Spot Market & Fuels at 702 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75218. Come by and check it out. I'll be there with earth friendly frills from La Alicia.

08 November 2010

EcoMonday: Water as a Gift

As the holiday gift giving season gets closer and closer, I have been exploring the options that are out there. This site is great and allows you to get involved in helping to bring clean water to developing nations.

We all know someone who seems to have EVERYTHING. Donating in their name as a gift would be a lovely gesture while helping others. $20 can provide clean water for one person for 20 years!Wow!

06 November 2010

Saturday Search: Partridge & Pear

I love the sweetness and whimsey that this card by iamfish offers as a holiday greeting. Happy Saturday!

04 November 2010

Close Knit: A Must See Event!

Saturday, November 6, 2010
First United Methodist Church of Coppell
420 S. Heartz, Coppell, TX

Admission $5
Event starts with a Fashion Show at 2pm

Close Knit of First UMC Coppell benefits Metrocrest Social Services

Check it out!

01 November 2010

EcoMonday: BankNote Jewelry

Great Green Goods had an article on these beautiful pieces and I had to share! These are necklaces made out of banknotes! The colors, textures and shapes are fabulous! Be sure to check out the rest of the article here.

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