30 August 2011

Getting back to Organized

Are you dreading the lost math book, missing sock or running out the door late? With the new school year right around the corner, it's time to streamline and simplify. Read More here>

29 August 2011

Eco Monday: Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen

I found this really good article about what produce is worth buying organic to avoid the abundance of pesticides and which ones aren't sprayed or are safe in their conventional form.

Because we all have tons of information cramming our brains, I made it into a business card size that you can print out and put in your wallet for easy reference. Or skip the paper and just send it to your phone!

18 August 2011

Tax Free Weekend in Texas

Mark your calendars -- it's coming this weekend -- August 19-21st. There's a complete list of what is available tax free here. Stimulate the economy as you get ready for back to school -- happy shopping!

12 August 2011

Fruit Friday: Homemade Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is one my fave fruity snacks now just like it was when I was a child. I love this recipe that you can change up to suit your own tastes. Read more here>

05 August 2011

Fruit Pop Friday!

Who doesn't love a frozen treat? With the record heat across the country this summer we all need a little relief!

I found this yummy recipe and had to share it with you! It's a great how-to make your own yummy pops at home. Read more on craftzine here>

01 August 2011

Eco Monday: Check out the Details

So even though many of us have moved to paying our bills on line, we still get things in the mail from time to time that come in or with security envelopes. Over the past year I have really started studying them, I'm totally amazed by how many pretty patterns are out there! They have inspired me to start repurposing them in my work.

Here's an eco-chic necklace I totally enjoyed making with these fun patterned finds.

And a pair of bobbies that I love.

What little details do you notice that many others may overlook?

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