24 December 2012

Short Hiatus

This blog will be on short hiatus starting today through the first week of January. After that, things will start up again with regular posts and interviews with fun artists.

I hope you'r holidays are fab!

18 December 2012


In order to take a rightful seat at the head of the banquet table of our lives, we have to accept the rightness of our feelings and desires and act on them strongly. - Mama Gena

15 December 2012


Each of us can add a little fun to our lives, even in small ways, and the result can be a hugely entertaining life. - Mama Gena

12 December 2012

Thoughts on Wrapping it up Green

I love wrapping presents. It gives me time to think about the person the gift is for and how to wrap it to reflect something about them.  It's also a creative challenge to repurpose things around the house or studio into pretty eco-gift packaging.

Make the effort, it's worth the time to have a unique looking package. Gift bags are a cop out. There, I said it! They are the drop and run solution for people who think they are all thumbs at gift wrap. Give gift wrapping a try, you may surprise yourself. Here's a quickie tutorial on how to wrap a present, so you can keep those corners neat.

One of my fave papers for gift wrap is brown kraft paper. If you have a few brown paper bags lying around -- try it -- it looks fab -- and you can dress it up any way you like! Just cut the bag at the seams and flatten it out. It's fun to draw on the inside of the bag first or after you've wrapped your package. Try gluing on a picture of the recipient as a kiddo or a picture of a place you know they'll like.

If you have an herb garden, have a look and see how you can work some herbs into your gift wrap. If your gifteƩ is a foodie, maybe wrap their present in a lovely dish towel and tie a little bunch of herbs on top. It will look pretty and smell good too.

More odds and ends and ideas...

You know those little white doo-dads that you pull out to open a carton of milk or juice? You know, the ones that you can't recycle? Wash them off and save them up -- they look fun on packages too! I like to investigate my tiny junk drawer. The gold baby from the Mardi Gras cake could make a darling gift topper. You're sure to find all kinds of hidden treasure in the junk drawer! :)

For the kiddos, I love to wrap things in cartoon pages from the newspaper. It's colorful and fun and kid oriented.

I enjoy adding texture too. On one package I cut a little strip of bubble wrap I had lying around to add a little texture and color.

I hope all your packages are beautiful!

11 December 2012


Always remember: your feelings are right. Your passion is part of your genius. - Mama Gena

10 December 2012

Getting in the holiday sprit!

Today I stumbled across some of the cutest holiday wallpapers I have seen in a long time. Best thing about them? They're free! Hop on over to West Elm to see and download them for yourselves! There are sizes for all your gadgets – desktops, tablets & mobile.

I hope you're getting in the holiday spirit too!

08 December 2012

Food Trucks in Dallas

 The food truck trend has exploded in Dallas.There seem to be all kinds of trucks – everything from desserts to exotic entrees. This is not the roach coach of years past. These modern food trucks are serving up original fresh, yummy satisfying foods.

During my week downtown last month for a conference, I had the opportunity to try a few out. My fave hands down was Rock and Roll Taco. The people in the truck were super nice and the food was fresh and delish. Check out the truck schedule here.

I appreciated that the tacos were small -- more opportunity to try flavors. One could easily have two or three as a meal and not feel overstuffed or like you missed out on anything.

Do you have food trucks in the area where you live?

06 December 2012

Eco Finds

Eco Friendly Plush Doll by mypetmoon. Cuteness!

04 December 2012


Nothing is difficult to those who have the will. ~Motto of the Dutch Poets' Society

01 December 2012

Klyde Warren Park - New in Dallas

A new park recently opened in the Dallas downtown area. I had seen pictures and drawing and it looked great. That was nothing compared to actually checking it out in person!

I checked out the park last weekend after I went to the Nutcracker Ballet with friends. It's beautiful! There's a dog run, putt-putt golf, a stage, ping pong, a mini playground and the food trucks were there. It was walking distance from the new Winspear Opera House.

The mini playground was recently yarn bombed by a group here in Dallas. It looks like a happy party. I don't know how long that will be up but it's really pretty and colorful!

With the 80 degree weather this weekend, it's a great time to get out a see it all. Check out a list of events here.

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