30 August 2012

Fairy Tale + Origami = Fun!

I recently babysat for a friends little girls and we had a ball reading fairy tales and making origami. Their favorite was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. So we made an origami bear, house and bowl. (we used magazine pages...you can click on the items to link to step by step instructions)

I was thrilled to realize that the bear head also doubles as a finger puppet. That was great for an extended conversation on bears and just general silliness.

Which fairy tale is your fave?

08 August 2012

Word for Wednesday

So, I'm sure that by now, you know I am a word nerd. I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that I love the NPR program about the origin of words, it's called "A Way With Words." Somehow it seems like I always miss the live broadcast, so I am so excited there is a podcast of the program.

Are you a fan of this program? If you like words, I high recommend it! You can read all about it here and even hear past episodes!

Also, check here to see some of the new words added to the dictionary this year!


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