31 July 2011

Upcoming Show Schedule

As we head into Fall, my show schedule for the season is starting to fall together! I hope you'll stop by and say hi. Here's where I'll be;

Sept. 10, 2011
White Rock Local Market
702. North Buckner Blvd.
Dallas, TX

Oct. 8, 2011
White Rock Local Market
702. North Buckner Blvd.
Dallas, TX

Oct. 23, 2011
Texas State Veggie Fair
Winfrey Point @ White Rock Lake
Dallas, TX

More details to come as more shoed are confirmed!

25 July 2011

Eco Monday: Meet Ruby

Please meet Ruby the Red bag. My mail box is where I found her paper parts to repurpose. I sifted through them carefully and have selected colors and textures and assembled them lovingly. To get to know her better, please click here.

22 July 2011

So Excited! *happy dance*

I'm so excited to share that my Repurposed Paper All-Season Wreath was on the sheknows.com site! Squee! Please click here to read the whole article.

Thanks, Laura!

18 July 2011

Eco Monday: Repurpose Tutorial

You'll need:
-empty condiment jars
-hot sudsy water
-a spoon
-a soft lint-free cloth
-double stick tape
-scraps of wrapping or pretty paper
-other pretty doodads from your junk drawer

Click here to read the rest of the tutorial.

15 July 2011

Eco Excitement in Frisco!

The Grand Opening is today! Stop by and check out all the green goodness going on at Grass Roots Eco Cleaners + Market at 5999 N. Custer Rd. Frisco, Texas.

You can keep up with all the latest developments by liking their Facebook page here. Here are a few sneak peak snaps of the goodies you can find there!

11 July 2011

Eco Monday: Citrus Centerpiece Tutorial

Check out my tutorial on cosaverde on how to make this fun uplifting centerpiece.

You’ll need:
• several pieces of your favorite citrus fruits
• a zester or a grater with multiple size openings
• your choice of vessels (wine glasses, cleaned condiment jars, or a big bowl)

The rest of the tutorial is here.

09 July 2011

Lotus Yoga Open House: Part 2

We had a great time at the Open House for Lotus Yoga! Here are a few pictures from our adventures, see more on their FB here. Why not check out a class?

06 July 2011

Eco Monday: Natural Hair Rinse

Check out this great tutorial on cosaverde about how to make your own natural hair rinse from Erin Mapes.

Read the rest here.

03 July 2011


Oh my goodness! These would be fab for brunch! According to queenvanna, you just use regular ol' brownie batter in the oil sprayed waffle iron for this delish treat! Check out her whole post here. Sounds like the key is to oil the iron.

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