31 May 2010

Eco Monday: Big Supplies Destash!

There's going to be a big supplies destash here in Dallas! Stay tuned for details! You won't want to miss out! They will be snacks, music and all kinds of art and crafty supplies to choose from!

29 May 2010

Saturday Search: Nerd Merit Badges!

May's Wired Magazine has the cutest write up about nerdmeritbadges.com

If you didn't earn all the badges you wanted at girl or boy scouts -- here's your chance to make it up! You can now get a sash for your laptop and plenty of nerdy merit badges! Too cute!

28 May 2010

Craft Party: You're Invited!

Celebrate Etsy's Birthday with your fave Dallas crafties! RSVP here. This is gonna be really fun!

26 May 2010

Mark Your Calendar! Supply Sale

It's exactly a month away!

WHAT: Supplies Me! Art + Craft Supply Sale
WHO: Etsy Dallas
WHERE: Blue Room, South Side on Lamar, 1409 South Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215
WHEN: Saturday, June 26, 11 a.m. - 2p.m.

Proceeds from sales at the Etsy Dallas team table will be donated to Captain Hope’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides things to children in need.

24 May 2010

Eco Monday: Eco Chic Bobbies

I've recently introduced a new line of boobies made from recycled Starburst wrappers, check 'em out here. What's your fave flavor?

20 May 2010

Treasury Thursday: i am a lab rat

This beautiful treasury features work from the LabRats team. You can find our tweets by searching #sqk

19 May 2010

Austin Renegade: Wow!!

I checked Austin Renegade this past Saturday mid afternoon and was totally impressed! The variety of really great stuff was overwhelming. 200+ artists were juried to have booths. There was great music, a few places to sit down and make your own crafts and adult bevies.
This was the first time Renegade has come to Texas and we're ready to have them back next year!

Etsy had a booth where you could purchase totes or make your own mini bunting. And there was even a photo booth where you could get in and take pictures with as many of your friends as would fit in the booth.

It was really fun. I left there feeling impressed and inspired! If there's a Renegade show you can get to -- go check it out! It's totally worth it!

17 May 2010

Eco Monday: Lemonade

Lemonade Recipe

1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 to 3/4 cup superfine sugar, to taste

1 cup crushed ice

4 cups cold water

Place all the ingredients in a blender and process until completely smooth. Serve over ice.

For an extra refreshing touch, bruise 3 peppermint leaves and toss them in the pitcher and give it a stir. Yummy!

These lemon Starburst earrings are available in my etsy shop. If you're interested in a different flavor. Please send me a convo from Etsy.

11 May 2010

The Owlettes!

Ok, so I am confessing my latest
obsession -- owlettes! Molly and Magee's owlettes to be specific. There is a live video feed online you can watch online of this owl family on ustream. On the same site you can watch a hummingbird nest and tons of other sweet nature in action.

I've been watching the babies since they hatched -- they are so sweet. They all have names and they are all molting right now -- they are loosing their baby down and getting real grown up owl feathers. Their parents are beautiful, so I'm sure they will be too. It's been great to watch their transformation from white puffy balls to more owl like creatures. In the past week or so, they have really started to look like their parents -- the owl face has really become more defined.

They do a lot of sleeping during the day and the parents come back to the nest box after dark to feed them. If you don't have a strong stomach, I wouldn't recommend watching the feedings. The babies themselves can be a good way to center yourself in teh middle of a totally hectic day. Enjoy!

10 May 2010

Eco Monday: Hair? Really?

This article about human hair had me picking my jaw up off the ground. Did you know that your hair could help with the oil spill in the Gulf?

Please go read this article and then make an appointment for a haircut! If they haven't heard about the Matter of Trust, please inform them so they can send their hair scraps in!

It's so nice to know in a disaster like an oil spill there IS SOMETHING you can do to help!

08 May 2010

03 May 2010

Eco Monday: Green Glue

Did you ever wonder what's in the glue you use for your crafts? This is a informative article talks about what's in the glue and ends with some recipes for more environmentally friendly glues.

For more information on how to make your own glue (so you know what's in it) check this out. It has videos as well as recipes for pottery cement to paper mache glue to edible paste.

01 May 2010

It's today and you're invited!

Come join in the fun! It's today, it's free to get in and there will be music, crafts and fun people!

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