30 January 2010

Etsy Saturday Search: Cherry

This lip balm from theplaidmushroom is delish and 100% vegan -- at $4 -- it's a steal!

29 January 2010

Etsy Dallas 2010 Team

January 12-19, 2010 Etsy Dallas was accepting applications for new members. The application process is now closed and new members will be announced soon. Keep an eye on the Etsy Dallas Blog for new postings about upcoming events, members and all kinds of other new exciting fun stuff.

27 January 2010

Shop of the Week

OMGosh, I was so delighted to see that I am shop of the week on Cosa Verde this week! Weee!

25 January 2010

Eco Monday: reusabe bags

Check out some great reusable bags available from these sellers on Etsy. The more people who adopt these as a part of everyday life, the less pollution and energy will be wasted on making things made to just throw away.

Using fabric grocery bags (this one from bagsbyg) saves plastic and then you don't have to decide what to do with all those pesky plastic bags when you get home.

Start them young. By putting lunch and snack items in reusable bags (these by hannahsboutique), you'll help your kids learn early to be eco friendly.

23 January 2010

Etsy Saturday Search: here kitty kitty

This Kitty Coal from dancingintherains just made me smile. At 8" tall, perfect size for snuggling.

22 January 2010

Etsy Lab Rats Team Treasury

Check out this Etsy Lab Rats Team Treasury! I'm so excited that my headbands were included! To learn more about the team, check out the blog. There's a wide variety of creativity on the team!

20 January 2010

Texas Sales Taxes Due!

Today is the deadline! Be sure to get it in today so you don't have to pay late penalties! You can file and pay online here.

18 January 2010

Eco Monday: the shower

While no one likes a cold shower, taking shorter cooler showers can save lots of water and energy. Regular shower heads use about 5 gpm (gallons per minute). Installing an aerator shower head adds air to the water making it still feel like a strong stream of water while using less water and reducing overall water usage by half. That's a substantial savings in water, energy and water that needs to be treated.

Cool image from helveticaneue on Etsy.

Last Day to Apply!

We're coming up on the last day to apply for Etsy Dallas membership! There's one more day...so if you'd like to apply...get it done here!

16 January 2010

Etsy Saturday Search: Snow

This print from djkart is so sweet. Although the weather has been cold, this print will warm your heart.

15 January 2010

The Deadline is Just 3 Months Away!

You guessed it! Taxes! To make it less painful, I was delighted to find this great blog post on the Fabulous and Frugal Blog - IRS Tips from a CPA. There's great information including a link to a not well know publication that has tons of answers to those wonky tax questions like -- what deductions am I eligible for, etc. Check it out and take a deep breath!

14 January 2010

Valentine's Day is coming...

here are a few things from Etsy that would make great gifts. Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this beautiful heart necklace from SeaFindDesigns?

The color combination on this pendant from BonnyBeads is gorgeous!

Or this Eco Chic Heart Pendant from my shop, LaAlicia.

It's in one month...

13 January 2010

My Heart Goes out to Haiti

I thought this was the sweetest front page I have seen on Etsy in a long while. Totally explained how I was feeling after hearing about the earthquake in Haiti.

09 January 2010

Etsy Saturday Search: 2010 calendar

Check out this fun owl calendar from Valentina Design. Between the fun font and faux bois how can you not smile when you look at those owls? A great way to keep up with the passing of time -- seems to speed up each year, doesn't it?

06 January 2010

Happy New Year! What are you up to?

Check out these great noise makers from 5gardenias. The new year is FINALLY here. Did you make resolutions? Are you sticking to them?

04 January 2010

Eco Monday: vinegar

One of my favorite cleaning helpers is distilled white vinegar. I came across this fantastic site recently that has all kinds of uses for it. Because of its' high level of acidity, vinegar works great to kill mold, icky bits and bacteria. This makes it great for cleaning your home, laundry and the list goes on and on. One of my faves is to use full strength vinegar and newspaper to clean windows and mirrors. Vinegar is very inexpensive and evironmentally friendly. Check out this site for great home cleaning recipes and tips.

Colors for Spring 2011

The new "it" color for 2011 is Honeysuckle. Visit Pantone's site to download the color swatches for Spring 2011 -- they are on the right most column. Enjoy!

02 January 2010

Etsy Search Saturday: pickles

I love this pickle jar watercolor from workingwoman. The colors are lovely and it makes me want a pickle.

Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles! YUMMY! Those make my mouth water!

This pickle charm is adorable from charms4you! This would be such a cute giftie for your pickle-loving friends!

01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

It's here! YAY! What do you have planned for 2010? Did you make resolutions?

Check out this lovely letterpress calendar from Miss Q Press. A must have for 2010.

Happy New Year!

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