28 April 2010

What's the most recycled item in the U.S.?

According to the EPA, ONLY ONE THIRD of of rubbish in the U.S. is recycled or repurposed. The most recycled item is currently lead acid car batteries. Wow, who knew? To read the whole article and learn more about current recycling trends, check out the whole article here.

26 April 2010

Eco Monday: Green Living Tips

In honor of Earth Day, everyone has been trying to add new things to their lives to be more green. This site has some great ideas and information about how you can increase your green factor.

They have a section dedicated to finding discounts on green services. Check it out here. There's also a simple recipe for an all purpose cleaner for your home that smells great! Most of the ingredients are things you probably already have around the house. There are tons of tips to make laundry greener too.

Check out their blog regularly for more great green information. Every Day is Earth Day!

25 April 2010


I was in a treasury that made it to the front page! So Excited!!

24 April 2010

Saturday Search: Music

I found this fun record bowl from elizabethnormand on Etsy for the Lab Rats Team. At a mere $2.50 -- it's a total bargain! What a cool way to recycle something that not many people use anymore.


21 April 2010

Way Cool for Earth Day!

I read about this great giveaway on twitter from figsandginger. It's a total win-win-win. You plant a tree, take a picture, submit it and get free jewelry! How cool is that? Read all the details here.

This is the image and narration I submitted;

Please meet Jane Juniper. I was pleased to meet her at the nursery and HAD to adopt her. She likes to sit outside with me and watch the sunset. She cleans the air. She's not a big talker but she has already made friends with a pink origami crane. One of my friends has agreed to plant her in their yard when she outgrows my balcony.

I absolutely love this idea for Earth Day! So fun!

19 April 2010

Goody Bags at the Bash - A Sneak Peek

Each vendor particpating in the Spring Bash has the opportunity to contribute goodies for the goody bags. The first 50 shoppers to arrive at the Spring Bash will receive a goody bag filled with crafty goodness.

Here's a sneak peek at what I am contributing to the bags. They're one of a kind bobby pins decorated with paper gems. Get there early to get a bag. Totally worth the wait! :)

17 April 2010

Earth Day Give Away!

If you haven't popped over to Cosa Verde to read about the 2nd Annual Earth Day Give Away -- whatcha waiting for? There's some great green stuff in the giveaway! There are four packages worth $400 each that are be given away! Don't miss out!

15 April 2010


Tax Day has finally arrived. Wow, is it just me or did that realy get here in a hurry? If you have last minute questions or need to download forms today to get it all finished up, hop on over to the IRS website.

12 April 2010

Eco Monday: Human Nest Chair

Check out this incredible creation -- eco friendly, comfy chair. Made with a bamboo frame and fabric scraps -- it's great eco fun place to sit. I wonder if Big Bird would be envious?

I originally saw this chair on the inhabitat website. Hop over there to see more fun eco stuff.

10 April 2010

Saturday Search: Button

This tea bag cozy from KarmaCrochet is adorable. Wouldn't this make a sweet gift for a coworker with their favorite tea and a fun note tucked inside?

I'm totally enjoying my discoveries on Saturday's searches. I hope you are too!

05 April 2010

Eco Monday: Candy Wrapper Headband

Check out this fun tootsie roll wrapper headband from my shop.

It's made from reclaimed Tootsie Roll Wrappers and elastic. The waxy paper is very durable and stands up to wear and tear while the elastic will make sure it stays on your head to show the whole world how green your are -- right down to your hair accessories.

03 April 2010

Saturday Search: Spring Greens

Ok, it's official, I have spring fever! These beautiful green pearls and peridot from beadznbling are just bursting with spring green!

Hippity Hop!

01 April 2010

Happy April Fool's!

LOL! This morning I signed onto Etsy.com only to notice that the "Etsy" in the orange box was mispelled. I totally forgot it was April Fool's. For a minute I really thought I saw wrong. I tweeted about it and @TheRita reminded me of the date today! :) Thank you for the gentle reminder kind tweeter. The reminder helped me be more aware of the April Fool's pranks.

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