29 March 2010

EcoMonday: Veggie Meals

A group of friends and I have made a pact to eat at least three all veggie meals a week. Aside from being healthier for us, it's also healthier for our planet. Some of us do them all in one day, others spread them out through the week. Our goal is to gradually increase our number of veggie meals per week.

I was reading recently about how vegetarians generally have a lower carbon footprint. As I read further I realized how much fossil fuel it takes to raise livestock -- this hadn't occured ot me before. I also learned that methane the second most harmful greenhouse gas is largely produced by cows.

Wow! That gave me a lot to think about and a whole new thought about what's on my personal menu.

These fun knitted vegetables are from pecansandies shop on etsy.

27 March 2010

Saturday Search: Lotus

Today when I searched "lotus" I found this lovely pendant from omclayartist. At just $10, it's a total deal! You can see these beauties in person later this Spring at the Amon Carter Museum Gift Shop in Fort Worth. Happy Shopping!

22 March 2010

Eco Monday: Check Out Bulk Section

I'm always looking for ways to make my shopping a more green experience. Now when I go to the grocery or pretty much any other store, I bring my own bags, look for items with minimum packaging, products made with sustainable materials, etc.

Something I have recently become a HUGE fan of is the BULK SECTION at the grocery. There are tons of items to choose from. Grains like rice, quinoa and wheat berries are available in several different varieties.

Since the only packaging is the plastic bag (which is totally recyclable) and the twist tie (also recyclable) there is less guilt associated with shopping this way. You can buy exactly the amount you need and the bulk price is usually a bit less than the prepackaged equivalent item.

You can buy enough pink rice for the dinner you'll make this evening with that new recipe. Recipes with pink rice aren't super popular, so you won't end up with a bunch of extra pink rice and no way to use it. If you decide pink rice is your new favorite, you know exactly where to get more.

The spice section is full of wonderful yummies. There's a wide variety available that are fresh and you don't have to buy a set amount. They are much more fresh and flavorful than what's been in your cabinet for WAY too long. Many stores offer tours of their bulk section and a printed resource with all the information about ingredients, country of origin etc.

I started with things that are common like rice, salt and sugar. Then I became little more adventurous at a time. Next I tried buying a small amount of cardamon and other spices to make my own chai. It came out great. I have been really happy with my bulk purchases.

There are also whole stores dedicated to buying in bulk -- like 10 pounds of rice at a time. It would most likely take my household several years to finish off such a supply, so I'm buying just what I need.

What's your fave thing about buying in bulk?

20 March 2010

Saturday Search: Hedgehog

I recently saw DearSukie on the Martha Show. She did a great demo of how to make of of her cute wallets. I found this one on her site today and fell in love with the cutie little hedgehog card holder.

Happy Saturday!

18 March 2010

Happy Birthday Cosa Verde!

Wow, has it been a year already? That really flew by. Check out the Cosa Verde Blog for more details about their birthday celebration. It's a great place to find earth friendly items from independent artists.

If you want to check out opening a shop, tell 'em I sent you by clicking here. I've totally enjoyed my time so far on the Cosa Verde site. :)

Happy Birthday, guys! Here's to many more, Cheers!

15 March 2010

Mark Your Calendar!

It'll be here before you know it -- that's right -- the Bash! Mark your calendar so you don't miss out. You can sign up for email updates to arrive in your inbox periodically sans spam! This is a 100% handmade show and will be super fun!

12 March 2010

Eco Monday: House of Bottles

This unique house is in Argentina. Please click here to read more at Planet Magazine. I'm totally impressed with their crativity and ingenuity.

05 March 2010

2010 Etsy Dallas Team Members

The 2010 Etsy Dallas Team Members have been announced. Click here to check them all out!

03 March 2010

TerraCycle is Turning Old Pens into Trash Bins

Terracycle has announced it will make trash bins from reclaimed plastics from pens and markers as well and cookie and chip bags and milk jugs. I can't wait to see what they look like! ;)

To read more about this, jump on over to greenbiz to read more.

01 March 2010

Eco Monday: Club Soda Shine Up

Are you shining up your domicile for Spring? Dusting things off and just incredibly ready for Winter to end? I certainly am. Shining up those faucets helps add a little shine to your most used sink areas. Put club soda in a spray bottle and spray on faucets and handles and polish with a clean, dry, cotton towel. You'll be amazed how shined up they become. Be sure not to stare directly into the shine. :)

This trick is very economical as well. Mostly groceries you can purchase a small bottle of club soda for less than $1 USD and a spray bottle for about $2 or you might have one already around the house. This is much better for the earth than using toxic chemicals!

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