29 March 2010

EcoMonday: Veggie Meals

A group of friends and I have made a pact to eat at least three all veggie meals a week. Aside from being healthier for us, it's also healthier for our planet. Some of us do them all in one day, others spread them out through the week. Our goal is to gradually increase our number of veggie meals per week.

I was reading recently about how vegetarians generally have a lower carbon footprint. As I read further I realized how much fossil fuel it takes to raise livestock -- this hadn't occured ot me before. I also learned that methane the second most harmful greenhouse gas is largely produced by cows.

Wow! That gave me a lot to think about and a whole new thought about what's on my personal menu.

These fun knitted vegetables are from pecansandies shop on etsy.


Jennifer said...

That's a really cool idea. If you find any good recipes, let me know!

茂一 said...

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Juliette Crane said...

that's super fun that you and your friends are doing this. i was raised vegetarian which has turned out to be such a healthy and now green thing. went to a conference in melbourne au last dec and there was a group in attendance that was all about promoting people to eat veggie just 1 day a week, and what a difference it can make :) they really got people talking. best wishes!
xoxo, juliette

Meekiyu said...

I hope you did eat those yarn veggies =o. My aunt is a vegetarian but I won't have the discipline to do that >_< .

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to admit..enjoy my meat and have a hard time giving it up..but it is a wonderful idea.
Have a great weekend.

Art Garden Diva said...

Love your yarn veggies! I'm also working to eat more consciously. here from Etsy, :-)

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