01 March 2010

Eco Monday: Club Soda Shine Up

Are you shining up your domicile for Spring? Dusting things off and just incredibly ready for Winter to end? I certainly am. Shining up those faucets helps add a little shine to your most used sink areas. Put club soda in a spray bottle and spray on faucets and handles and polish with a clean, dry, cotton towel. You'll be amazed how shined up they become. Be sure not to stare directly into the shine. :)

This trick is very economical as well. Mostly groceries you can purchase a small bottle of club soda for less than $1 USD and a spray bottle for about $2 or you might have one already around the house. This is much better for the earth than using toxic chemicals!

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a good hint..I have to admit, so happy spring is on the way. Don't dare say a thing, but this has been a quiet winter, except for the storm last week..lost power for 40 hours. Some are still without...Have a good week.

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