28 November 2009


What kind of Thanksgiving left overs are on your plate? I love to have a sandwich with a little of everything in it -- turkey, dressing, lettuce, cranberry...so yummy and portable. What are you eating today?

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This cutie little pendant is from P is for Paper on Etsy. Gobble Gobble!

25 November 2009

Garlands, garlands, garlands!!

We all have begin to decorate for the holidays -- at home, and where ever else we spend lots of time -- there are garlands EVERYWHERE!! This garland from my Etsy Shop made it into the Holiday Gift Guides and that made me squeal! I wonder who will give it a home for the holidays this year...

23 November 2009

I survived!!

I survived the 2009 Jingle Bash! Woo HOO! Traffic was fabulous, customers were great and a good time was had by all. Check out the line waiting to get in! :)

21 November 2009

It's Today!!

Wow, it's finally here! Please join us at the Jingle Bash today. If you want a sneak peek of who will be there, check out the artist's list here.

If you're interested in a free goody bag, be one of the first 50 people to be there! These bags are chock full of goodies from our artists.

Hope to see you there!

19 November 2009

Psst, hey Santa, look over here!

I'm a newbie on the EtsyLabrats Team. I'm still getting to know my teammates and their work. Here are some fun giftie ideas that I found searching on Etsy.

This beautifully detailed koi bracelet is made by emptynestegg. I can't imagine the patience and knowledge it takes to create such a woderful bracelet! If I attempted this I think I would go stark raving mad! :)

These thank you cards from 2ndcoming are great. The carefree style ad bright colors and just the style for a lovely thank you note.

I have found it, the perfect little girl gift made by zomoandbara. What little girl wouldn't be delighted to wear her very own Little Red headband?

Oh, Pearls, how I love thee! Check out this necklace by BeadzNBling. It will go with everything in your closet. I think I would wear it with the clasp in the front -- it's stunning. This would be a great gift for a a hard-to-buy-for-woman.

Happy Shopping!

18 November 2009

Santa's Little Helper - more handmade

So, there are so many fun giftie items from the Etsy Dallas team, one post just wasn't enough! Check out Color Box Design's letterpress holiday cards. Letterpress is such a luxious texture experience, if you haven't had the pleasure -- I encourage you to check it out! They're tons of gorgeous designs to choose from -- classic to funny (elf feet)!

Pamela Michelle's shop makes it hard to pick one fave -- but I made myself pick just one to feature. This cutie butterfly ring features her unique illustration style that you can wear -- how awesome is that? Flutter on!

DesignRoots have these adorable thank you notes -- any who doesn't need those as we move through the holiday season? (You know your granny would tell you to write those thank you notes!)

This turkey plushie from Midnightsnack makes me smile. A great hostess gift for someone who has everything including a great sense of humor. Or just something fun to add to the sofa to get into holiday spirit. Gobble Gobble!

Beethings is one of my new fave etsy shops -- her prints are just great! Again, hard to pick just one but I forced myself to! This limited edition print is too fun and would be great on a wall just about anywhere. (Santa, please don't put this IN anyone's STOCKING, please hang it on the wall behind the stocking.) It would be criminal to wrinkle this print! :)

Happy Shopping! All these artists will be live in person at the Jingle Bash on Saturday!

16 November 2009

santa's little helper -- handmade

Ok, I couldn't help myself! More cutie stocking stuffers from my handmade friends over at Etsy Dallas. For more info on these items, just click on the pictures.

This scrabble tile pendant from Karmacrochet is just too fun!

Not to mention this mad for plaid ring from Tefi. What would this not go with?

The Pig and the Peacock makes this cute shark soap -- sure to make bathtime more fun!

Modest Ambition's crocheted pins are sure to add a little zip to any outfit in any season.

This key fob from Banana Showcase will help you keep track of your keys in a stylish way.

Keep an eye on the Etsy Dallas site and follow @etsydallas on twitter for opportunities to win Bash Bucks that spend like cash at any participating artist's booth. See the Etsy Dallas site for all the nitty gritty details. Happy Shopping!

15 November 2009

America Recycles Day!

Hey, it's today -- it's official America Recycles Day! Click here to find and event near you. It's not a holiday just to recycle today -- think about how you can set things up at home and work to make recycling a part of your everyday life.

14 November 2009

Bash Bucks!!

We Bash artists are getting really excited as the much-anticipated Jingle Bash nears. We're so excited that some of us have to occasionally put down our scissors, paint brushes, pliers, and hooks to do a little happy dance. Lemme tell ya, we love to happy dance.

In fact, we're so thrilled about the Jingle Bash that we want to offer you a chance to join us in our collective happy dancing by offering a chance to win some awesome prizes in the form of Bash Bucks. Yep, Bash Bucks are like gift certificates you'll pick up the day of the Jingle Bash - and you can spend them at ANY participating artisit's booth during the Bash. You can't go wrong.

You can win by commenting on the Etsy Dallas blog post or tweeting the Jingle Bash.


[Reposted from the Etsy Dallas blog.]

13 November 2009

Santa's Little Helper

So, I have perused this site that is a new discovery for me and have found all kinds of cool stocking stuffer items. Santa, are you listening? I know this is your busy season -- just trying to help you out!

This "we met on facebook" gum just cracks me up! Who wouldn't giggle about this?

And what about these paper doll notecards? Too cutie!

To see more details on a stocking stuffer, click on the picture to be taken to more info about it.

Ok, this Rudolph lip gloss takes the cake with his blinking nose! What girl (yound or old) wouldn't want Rudolph in her make up bag?

Or the sweet treat lip balm set for the dessert lover
on your list! ;)

12 November 2009

Sneak Peek of who will be at the Jingle Bash

Are you just waiting for the Jingle Bash? If you'd like to have a sneak preview of who will be there, check out the Etsy Dallas Featured Artists page. If you're planning to shop with your friends and would like to do a little sneaky pre-shopping, go ahead. We understand that there are many secrets at this time of year! :) Happy Shopping!

11 November 2009


Today my garland is being featured by Heather on the Scrappy Design Blog! I'm so excited! Check it out, it's a fun blog with lots to share. Garland of all kinds seem really popular this year. They are a great way to decorate for the holidays and add a splash of color in any room to that needs one. For the most part they are reusable year after year -- yay!

10 November 2009

Kindle or Not Kindle

With the recent "Kindle Kraze" it was bound to happen -- someone would ask which is greener? The Kindle or a paper book?

Well, that's a good question. For one educated answer, check out this article.

09 November 2009

The Jingle Bash is coming right up...

Check out the Crafty Hangover Blog for features of various artists who will be at the Bash. Today it's featuring me! :)

08 November 2009

Warm fuzzies all around..

I found this toysociety website earlier this week and it totally made me smile. Sweet handmade toys are put in a sealed plastic bag and left somewhere -- a park bench, in a swing, etc. -- to be found. Inside the bag with the handmade toy is a note saying "Take me home, I'm yours" and a way to email the person who left the toy to be found. I love this idea. It's truly a random act of kindness and it's such a cute way for a toy to get a home. Please check it out!

06 November 2009


Wow! My echo chic pouch is in one! Check it out! They're only good for three days, so hurry!

05 November 2009

is2tea website launches!

Wednesday of this week the long awaited is2tea website launched. This company offers wonderful teas such as virgin white, sapphire oolong, rainforest, sepalika, cinnamon and floral green. If you can't choose just one, the sampler pack may be for you.

In addition to wonderful teas, I love the fact that a percentage goes to the Foundation of Goodness which provides children with school books, uniforms and opportunities to grow.

Check it out, this is one of those companies that is a win-win. They have a great product and use part of their resources to give back.

04 November 2009

Adding to my Christmas Wish-list

I came accross these and they are so cute, I can barely stand it! They are surely on my wish list for Christmas. Click on the image to see them on fredflare.com, you may be adding them to your wishlist as well!

03 November 2009

Recycling Goes Corporate

Here's a great article from Reuter's about the greening of corporations. The newest thing for companies to do is to figure out how to upcycle their waste -- especially waste that is not yet recycleable. Terracycle is a great example of this. They upcycle soda bottles, cookie wrappers, juice pouches and the list goes on and on! If you belong to an organization (school, office, club, etc.) that's interested in sending your upcyclable items to terracycle, check out this section of their site for details.

Everyone can do a little bit. Whether it's shopping for items with less packaging to start out with or finding something productive to do with what might go to the landfill or recycle bin.

I make purses and jewelry from junkmail and magazines. This brooch is made from the insides of reclaimed security envelopes.

This clock is made from a reclaimed cookie tin, extra buttons, broken jewelry pieces and her hair is made from magazine pages and junk mail.

This clutch purse is made from magazine pages and junk mail.

What will you start doing this month that makes your habits greener?

02 November 2009

Green Toys!

With the holidays speedily on their way, it's fabulous to know that there are green groovy toys available! I stumbled across this site and was delighted with the green toys they have to offer. Things for little boys and things for little girls that are made from recycled materials!

This truck is made from recylced milk jugs and looks heavy but is really quite light weight. The fact that it's green AND fun are just gravy!

Here's a chef set also made from recycled milk jugs. These toys are dishwasher safe and have been tested for all kinds of things. They are made on the USA and have been declared safe for the little ones to pay with.

These toys are made in the USA, actually in California. So they are not shipped from far away shores using energy to get to this country and they are recycled. What a nice example for the next generation that "being green can be fun".

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