08 November 2009

Warm fuzzies all around..

I found this toysociety website earlier this week and it totally made me smile. Sweet handmade toys are put in a sealed plastic bag and left somewhere -- a park bench, in a swing, etc. -- to be found. Inside the bag with the handmade toy is a note saying "Take me home, I'm yours" and a way to email the person who left the toy to be found. I love this idea. It's truly a random act of kindness and it's such a cute way for a toy to get a home. Please check it out!


donna said...

during the summer i left a few sock creatures to be found and was wondering how to do it in the winter- a plastic bag - of course so simple, now my fun can continue!

Alix said...

omg, what an awesome idea! I am totally going to go do this!!

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