27 September 2010

EcoModay: Rehash

More and more groups are popping up all the time to help you recycle the items you may be done with. Rehash, which is still in beta stage, allows you to swap books and clothes. It's kinda of like having a roommate with out having to share a bathroom with a total stranger.

It looks like college students also swap text books on the site. Fabulous! Textbooks always seem to be SO expensive!

Another great way to reuse with out causing the demand for new things to rise.

25 September 2010

Saturday Search: Ring Bearer Pillow

What an lovely find! This gorgeous ring bearer pillow from WhiteThistleBridal is just beautiful. It would be gorgeous on your couch after the ceremony.

23 September 2010

New Harmony Final Event at Current Location

This Saturday will be last the day to check out New Harmony Studio from noon - 7 pm at their current location 412 Exposition Ave., Dallas, TX 75226. Their profits benefit local charities.

The have lots of lovely earth friendly items and many will be on sale this Saturday.  Check it out!

20 September 2010

Eco Monday: BookMooch

A friend recently told me this site was her guilty pleasure. So, I went to check it out and now I understand why. This site allows you to trade books you're done with for books you want to read. It's sort of a world wide sharing library. All you pay is postage.

You create an account which is free. Enter the books you're done with and are willing to part with. Wait for requests from people interested in your books and when you mail a book you get points to use toward the books you're interested in. How simple is that?

I love this idea. Instead of buying MORE NEW books, already existing books are traded with interested people.

18 September 2010

Saturday Search: Tangerine

This ring from Lush Boutique is just delicious!

Seems like the perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall. Check it out here.

14 September 2010

National Cupcake Week -- this week!!

In honor of cupcake week -- a little search on Etsy turned up this cuteness!

This fun set of cupcake cards from natflycards.

These fun printable calorie free cupcakes from PoshPixels.

And this great ring from midnightsnack.

13 September 2010

EcoMonday: Bunny Ring with Recycled Stering Silver

This tiny bunny ring is just to freakin' cute! What makes it even better? It's eco-friendly too. Figs and Ginger recycled as much sterling silver as possible in their pieces. The nature theme in their work is just so sweet.

I visited their booth at the Austin Renegade show earlier this summer and their work is just as adorable in person.

Hippity Hop!

11 September 2010

Saturday Search: Leaves

Not everyone has a green thumb and someone as finally figured out a way to have "leafy things" around your home with minimum maintainance. Check them out here in the Etsy Shop called JaneJoss.

09 September 2010

Garage Sale Alert!

My friend Mel is going to South Africa for one year to help children with HIV/AIDS. She's holding the Mother of all garage sales this Saturday to raise money for her trip. Please support her humanitarian efforts by shopping the sale.

It'll start at 7a this Saturday the 11th and go until about noonish or when everything's gone. The sale will be held in the 5900 block on Velasco Ave., Dallas, TX 75206

Last I heard there will be everything for clothes (adults/children), art supplies, household goods, quality paper goods, furniture, dishware, to books. Check it out!

06 September 2010

EcoMonday: Laundry

So we're all looking for more ways to be green. Your laundry is one place you can make a big difference. Here are a few tips on how to do more efficient laundry;

• when needing a new machine, check out the efficient ones that use less water and power
• make sure you do full loads
• wash clothes in cold water
• use white vinegar instead of chlorine bleach
• dry laundry out on the line (towels - tumble dry for 5 min, hang out to dry)
• try using lavender sachets instead of using dry sheets (lavender repells moths)

What else do you do to green your laundry?

04 September 2010

Saturday Search: Mold

These Jell-O mold light fixtures are a cool reuse project. Check out BootsandGus on Etsy to see their other fun creations.

03 September 2010

Free Stuff Friday!

Have you checked out my giveaway on the Sweet Greens blog? Check it out here and be sure to enter to win this Eco Chic Clutchby me, La Alicia!

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