30 September 2011

Friday Find: Custom Stamp

My friend Anne of Modest Ambition recently raved to me about a stamp that she ordered on Etsy. I'm always delighted to hear raves about Etsy sellers, especially from other Etsy sellers.

It wasn't until a month or so later that I found myself in need of a new stamp. I asked if she would share her source and she did. Her stamp came from hugfishandorange, a cute little shop on Etsy located in Hawaii. I sent a convo to them to see if they could do a custom stamp for me and to get an estimate. Their response time was quick and the estimate was reasonable. Hooray! So I sent my art and placed my order. The stamp (pictured above) arrived the following week wrapped so cute. YAY! I love that you can see, if you look carefully, how someone carved it by hand. I'm currently deciding what to mount it on - acrylic, wood, etc.

I've been stamping it on all my packages and on my thank you notes! Thanks, hugfishandorange, I love my stamp!

25 September 2011

Do you have an ICE CARD?

Recently, a friend asked me if I had an ICE card. "What the heck is that?" was my response. It's an "In Case of Emergency" card. It has some basic information on it about you in case for whatever reason you cannot speak for yourself. People also keep ICE documents on their phones and tablets as well. Feel free to downoad this template and fill it in and put it in your billfold. You never know, it could save your life.

24 September 2011

Do you Know About Felt and Wire?

If you don't know about the Felt and Wire site, let me fill you in. This is the Mohawk Paper website filled with all kinds of fun stuff to explore -- it's for paper lovers. They have a blog that has fun articles that inspire. One of my recent faves is this one all about ampersands.

My fave section of the site is the Shop Section. I can't make a quick visit to this section. I'm like a kid in a candy store and I want to see it all. There are so many beautiful paper things to see, read about and buy. I could spend hours on the site seeing it all and being delighted by it all.

Check it out here. You won't be disappointed.

10 September 2011

Rik Rak Studio Giveaway!

the rikrak studio

This excellent birthday giveaway is open for entries until September 15, 2011. One of my necklaces is included in prize pack C! Enter here.

Update: My necklace winner is in Greece! :)

09 September 2011

What Shall I Do With All This Newspaper?

I love to reuse materials as much as possible. I recently came across this great article on 15 ways to reuse newspaper. Read all the details on Greenwala here.

02 September 2011

Meet Oil and Cotton

Oil and Cotton has a fun selection of classes to choose from -- you can see them all here. They just wrapped up their summer camps and from the pictures -- it looks like they had a ball. Stop by and check them out at 837 W. 7th Street, Dallas, Texas 75208

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