28 March 2011

Eco-Monday: Brilliant Creation!

I'm so happy to share this Wind Knitting Factory by Merel Karhof! This nifty machine knits with energy from the wind. Just brilliant. Please read more about this here. I'd love to have one of these on my balcony! :)

26 March 2011

Saturday Search: Chandelier

This Saturday, I found this beautiful chandelier from fellow Etsy Dallas Member -- Ferrochie. Click on the picture for more information on this piece and to see the rest of his works on Etsy.

24 March 2011

21 March 2011

Eco Monday: 10 Food Ingredients to Avoid

There are 10 food ingredients that you should avoid like the plague to stay healthy! They are sodium nitrate, hydrogenated oils, excitotoxins, MSG, olestra, caffeine, trans fat, BPA, diacetyl, high fructose corn syrup.

To learn the nitty gritty about why these things should be avoided, check out this site.

19 March 2011

Saturday Search: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper shakers are such a collectible. This Saturday I had a look around Etsy for some interesting ones. I found three interesting sets. For more information, just click on the picture.

Happy Saturday!

17 March 2011

Treasury Thursday: Let's Recycle

This is the Let's Recycle Treasury created by SaritNahum. To go to the original treasury, just click on the image.

15 March 2011

What Are You Doing for Spring Break?

Many school in Texas are on Spring Break this week. Do you have big plans or trips scheduled?

One of my fave places to visit when I have time is the Trinity River Audubon Center. They have great educational programs, hands on displays and lots of room to roam and explore nature and watch the birds. At $6/adult it is a very reasonable field trip.

You might even forget that you're in Dallas, Texas.

14 March 2011

EcoMonday: City of Coppell EarthFest

Mark your calendar for City of Coppell's Earthfest on April 30th from 10a-2p. It's a free event with lots of activities for the family. There will be some local eco-artists with booths as well.

Town Center Plaza
255 Parkway Blvd.

12 March 2011

Saturday Search: Llama

I found these llamas during my Saturday search and they made me smile. Click on the images to see more information about the artist and where to purchase.

07 March 2011

EcoMonday: Zimride

Zimride is helping ride sharing up to the next level. You can find rides to share by campus, event and even by company. They have even integrated with Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is sign up to share the seats in your car or to snag a ride in someone else's.

I think carpooling may become popular, cool and fun again. Check out all the details here.

05 March 2011

Saturday Search: Scallops

Red Tile Studio is a mother daughter team in Dallas that creates beautiful works like this one. Check them and their work out on Etsy here.

04 March 2011

Getting to know Tumblr

I clicked on a link to Tumblr from Twitter earlier and imagine my surprise when these little monsters turned up. A programmer somewhere with a sense of humor had fun programming that in when Tumblr is overloaded! Tee hee hee!

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