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08 April 2014

Texture Tuesday: Happy Peppers

So, I love fresh raw peppers. I love them by themselves, with cream cream, sliced on a salad, etc. I recently stumbled on this totally yummy alternate way to prepare them and I had to share.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Wash and dry your sweet peppers, then cut off the stems and deseed them.

Place them in a bowl and pour on a little olive oil and toss to coat lightly.
Spread them in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with foil or parchment and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Put them in the oven for 30-45 minutes or until roasted to you liking.

The carmelized bits get crunchy and are almost the texture of french fries.

They are great as a side dish, on a salad, in an omlette or as a snack.


03 April 2014

Sentimental Stuff

After moving, you have to find the right place for the sentimental stuff.

This is a really sweet memorial an art director friend wrote and illustrated for me after my sweet hedgie went to the great hedge in the sky. Hedgies like warm dark places - so I hung it in the laundry room!

16 February 2014

A Quick pause...

I'll be taking a quick pause on the blog while I get my move finished up. I'll be back in a couple weeks with more fun green handmade stuff!

06 February 2014

Moving...Box 4

How can you make packing more green?

You can avoid using extra sources of padding by using linens, pillows, stuffed animals and towels as padding in your boxes. If you do need additional padding focus on using already recycled or easily recyclable sources of padding. Newspaper, already used packing materials and kraft paper are great for this. Also, boxes from liquor store can be great for packing breakables from the kitchen since many come with dividers built into the box that can easily give extra padding to things like glasses, canisters and vases.

See if you know anyone else who's moving just before you, see if they'll save their packing materials for you to use. It will save you looking for it and then disposing of it -- and it will get used one more time. You may even be able to find someone else who's moving and keep passing it on.

30 January 2014

Moving...Box 3

Don't be afraid to ask for help...

The majority of my friends that know I'm moving have offered to help in some way or another. It doesn't have to be helping to move the big heavy boxes. It could be something as small as helping put shelf paper the cabinets of the new place. And really it could be a fun giggly time to be had with some tea and cookies and giggly girl chatty time.

Or it could be as simple moving some delicate things that you'd rather the movers not take care of like moving your plants or your clothes. Your home is a really personal place and who better to help you get settled in than a friend who knows you well.

Do you  homework and have some little snacks and drinks on hand. Make it fun so you can get something done while you enjoy time together too. Sometimes it's nice to have another set of eyes help you figure out where to put that oddly shaped table for most efficient space usage.

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