30 May 2011

Eco Monday: Nelson Mandela Launches Clothing Line!

I'm so excited that Nelson Mandela is launching a clothing line to boost South Africa's lagging clothing and textile industry. I love all the beautiful patterns! Check out the whole story on ecouterre.

29 May 2011

Hoot Suite Funny

The other day, I opened Hoot Suite and got this message. It was too funny! Glad to know that the makers of Hoot Suite have a sense of humor too! :)

28 May 2011

Saturday Search: BBQ

What are you doing for Memorial Day? Well, if you're thinking about getting your grill on, check out these ideas!

Invites from invitealicious are a great way to get some friends and family together for some great outdoor fun.

This great patriotic apron from JanKanSew is perfect for that Memorial Day weekend barbeque or anytime really.

One of my fave things to put on the grill is watermelon. Just grill it for about 40 seconds of each side -- delish!

I love these eco-friendly picnic napkins from ecomum. You know that juicy grilled watermelon is gonna drip on your chin! ;)

23 May 2011

Eco Monday: Plastiki: Plight of Platics in the Ocean

I heard about Plastiki on NPR while I was sitting in traffic trying to focus on the story instead of my percolating irritation with conjested traffic.

Plastiki is a boat made from recycled materials. They have travelled in this special boat to draw attention to the plight of plastics in our oceans. Read more here to see what you can do to make a difference. Be sure to check out the download section for guides on what plastics to avoid and which ones can be recycled, a guide to fish and other useful fun stuff.

FACT: Nearly every plastic ever made still exists.

21 May 2011

Saturday Search: Moisturize

With all the heat, sun and wind that we expose ourselves to in the summer -- we all need a little moisturizer to keep our skin happy! Here are a few ideas from Etsy.

Watermelon Lip Balm from RachelRene. Yummy!

Organic Solid Lotion Bar from HerbanLifestyle. It's pretty and it moisturizes? Bring it on. I can see this soothing dry elbows and heels.

What do you do to keep your skin healthy and moisturized in the summer months?

16 May 2011

Treasury Thursday: Music in the Night

Eco Monday: Birthday Sale

Today is the last day for my Birthday Sale!

Friday was my birthday and I'm having a 25% Off sale to celebrate! Use coupon code BD25OFF at check out until midnight tonight CST! This discount is good on everything in my shop except custom and wholesale orders.

09 May 2011

EcoMonday: Make a Hanging Notepad with Etsy

Check out this fun post over on Etsy's Blog -- the Storque. I bet you have all the stuff you need to make this fun notepad in that junk drawer!

07 May 2011

Saturday Search: Goose

Duck, Duck, Duck, GOOSE! How cute is this goose form Yarnabees? I can't stand it! :)

02 May 2011

Eco-Monday: Everyday is Earth Day!

I recently discovered this fun poster over at ecojot, be sure to check it out here. So cute with a great message!

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