28 May 2011

Saturday Search: BBQ

What are you doing for Memorial Day? Well, if you're thinking about getting your grill on, check out these ideas!

Invites from invitealicious are a great way to get some friends and family together for some great outdoor fun.

This great patriotic apron from JanKanSew is perfect for that Memorial Day weekend barbeque or anytime really.

One of my fave things to put on the grill is watermelon. Just grill it for about 40 seconds of each side -- delish!

I love these eco-friendly picnic napkins from ecomum. You know that juicy grilled watermelon is gonna drip on your chin! ;)

1 comment:

Pili said...

I love those napkins! And I had no idea you could grill watermelon, I'll have to suggest we try it on our next BBQ!

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