28 February 2010

Recycled: Olympic Medals!

The valuable metals Gold, Silver and Bronze are reclaimed from old TVs and computers to create Olympic Medals his year. What an awesome idea! LOVE IT! Although the medals also have other medals mixed in -- they're gorgeous. I love that the Olympics went out of it's way to be green! I wish more groups would take these kinds of steps.

Read more about it here.

27 February 2010

Saturday Search: Wabbit

Meet Lionel. He's an adorable wabbit. He had my heart right away. From his eyelids to his over sized carrot -- he is truly one of a kind and looking for a loving home. He's temporarily living in chuckychooky's shop. Go ahead, pay him a visit.

Saturday Search: Fortune Cookie

How cute are these baby slippers from sushibooties? They have them in adult sizes as well! I couldn't help but squeal when I saw them! The even come with a custom fortune! He ehe he! This shop has some great items sure to make you smile!

26 February 2010

Have you heard of Eco3p.com?

I learned about this interesting site recently and began posting a few things on the site. All the items sold on the site are earth friendly. Have a browse through the site to see their other eco-friendly vendors.

25 February 2010

Recently Posted...

I've been busy latey and have been posting new items in my Etsy shop. I was asked to create a custom order for Chris for Candy wrapper headbands for her daughters and their cousin. These were super fun to work on and I hope the girls are thrilled with them. If you're interested in a candy wrapper headband, drop me a line.

22 February 2010

Eco Monday: pests

It seems like as Spring is arriving (someplaces earlier than others), there are a lot of pests that arrive with it. Roaches and ants seem to come out to play as the winter starts to melt and there is a suggestion of warmer weather. You can keep these pests away using natural ingredients you probably already have in your home. Borax (20 Mule Team Borax can be found in your groceries laundry aisle in a green box), ground cinnamon and chili pepper can be combined and put in a shaker jar to use when theses pests show up. Investigate where they pest seem to be coming in and sprinkle the pest potion in that area as well as wherever they seem to be hanging out. Be sure there isn't anything around that's somehow inviting them in -- food scraps, standing water or silver engraved invitation, etc. It's a great chemical free way to keep pests away. Happy Spring!

20 February 2010

Saturday Search: Banana

Check out this great photo of a banana flower from ChristadeMayo from the Costa Rican rain forest. The texture and shapes are beautiful -- it's not what you normally think of when you think "banana". Check out the rest of her great shop as well.

19 February 2010

the Zebra wears Scarlet

It's always nice to hear you're in a treasury! This one totally made my Friday. I was delighted to see that my eco chic handbag in this fun collection.

17 February 2010

The Olympics

I love the Olympics and I have been watching and recording all my fave events. I noticed today the fun banners Google has on it's site for the Olympics. Not sure who the illustrator is -- but they are BEAUTIFUL!


13 February 2010

Saturday Search: Apple

Delicious Play Food is so fun! This little apple was just begging to be featured! What a lovely gift this would make to a little person in your life -- sure to bring a smile to their face. Check out fairtradefamily for more fun food items.

08 February 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

I put together a Gift Guide for the Etsy Dallas Blog. Check it out. It features members of the 2010 Etsy Dallas Team.

06 February 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Here's another gift guide -- this time for her. Check out these great Etsy Dallas Members items.

Saturday Search: Heart RIng

If you're looking for a place to start shoping for that special Valentine's Day gift, here's the place to start. This beautiful ring from AnnukCreations is lovely and unique -- the perfect gift.

02 February 2010

Stephanie Fizer: Flourish

I'm so totally excited to be taking this online course beginning this week. It's an e-course for creative people who want to make their creative passion their fulltime job. I'm so excited to see what all I can learn and experiment with this year. I'll be sure to let you know how it's going as we progress!

In the meantime, check out Stephanie Fizer's work.

01 February 2010

Eco Monday: Chocolate

Who doesn't LOVE chocolate? It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to enjoy it either.

Not only is this Divine chocolate delicious, it's beautifully packaged. Sure to make you smile even before you get it into your mouth.

Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate, it's EXTRA dark. Doctors say the darker the better for your heart. Hey, it tastes great too!

What's your fave fairtrade chocolate? Do you give/receive chocolate at Valentine's Day and other occasions?

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