12 February 2009

Come out and check out the Tyler Show

It's March 21-22 in Tyler, Texas at Berfeld Park
Click here for more information.

There will be some Etsy Dallas folk there -- come check out their booths!

09 February 2009

Mark Your Calendar!

There's another Etsy Dallas Event coming soon!
May 16, 2009
at Southside on Lamar

Hope to see you there!

08 February 2009

Green Valentines Day

Each year at Valentines Day there are millions of cards bought, given and received. That’s a heck of a lot of virgin paper that eventually goes to the land fill. Instead, read the back of cards before purchasing -- look for cards that are FSC certified or that contain post consumer paper. By doing this, you are purchasing paper products that are recycled or harvested by entities that have a tree replanting program. This helps us all be a little easier on the earth.

Make your own cards with recycled paper and odds and ends from around the house. You know those extra packets of sugar from your last take out order? Those would be great tied onto a piece of red card stock with the words "you're sweet".

07 February 2009

Don't Forget...

Today is the Art with a Cause Event. See the post from the 5th for all the details! Have a great time!

05 February 2009

Art With a Cause Event

You're invited for a fun event in Dallas, TX.

02 February 2009

Ground Hog?

Well, it's finally here -- groundhog day! Let's see what Phil has to say today! If you're feeling up to it, make some groundhog cookies.

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