03 November 2009

Recycling Goes Corporate

Here's a great article from Reuter's about the greening of corporations. The newest thing for companies to do is to figure out how to upcycle their waste -- especially waste that is not yet recycleable. Terracycle is a great example of this. They upcycle soda bottles, cookie wrappers, juice pouches and the list goes on and on! If you belong to an organization (school, office, club, etc.) that's interested in sending your upcyclable items to terracycle, check out this section of their site for details.

Everyone can do a little bit. Whether it's shopping for items with less packaging to start out with or finding something productive to do with what might go to the landfill or recycle bin.

I make purses and jewelry from junkmail and magazines. This brooch is made from the insides of reclaimed security envelopes.

This clock is made from a reclaimed cookie tin, extra buttons, broken jewelry pieces and her hair is made from magazine pages and junk mail.

This clutch purse is made from magazine pages and junk mail.

What will you start doing this month that makes your habits greener?

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