02 November 2009

Green Toys!

With the holidays speedily on their way, it's fabulous to know that there are green groovy toys available! I stumbled across this site and was delighted with the green toys they have to offer. Things for little boys and things for little girls that are made from recycled materials!

This truck is made from recylced milk jugs and looks heavy but is really quite light weight. The fact that it's green AND fun are just gravy!

Here's a chef set also made from recycled milk jugs. These toys are dishwasher safe and have been tested for all kinds of things. They are made on the USA and have been declared safe for the little ones to pay with.

These toys are made in the USA, actually in California. So they are not shipped from far away shores using energy to get to this country and they are recycled. What a nice example for the next generation that "being green can be fun".

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