12 December 2012

Thoughts on Wrapping it up Green

I love wrapping presents. It gives me time to think about the person the gift is for and how to wrap it to reflect something about them.  It's also a creative challenge to repurpose things around the house or studio into pretty eco-gift packaging.

Make the effort, it's worth the time to have a unique looking package. Gift bags are a cop out. There, I said it! They are the drop and run solution for people who think they are all thumbs at gift wrap. Give gift wrapping a try, you may surprise yourself. Here's a quickie tutorial on how to wrap a present, so you can keep those corners neat.

One of my fave papers for gift wrap is brown kraft paper. If you have a few brown paper bags lying around -- try it -- it looks fab -- and you can dress it up any way you like! Just cut the bag at the seams and flatten it out. It's fun to draw on the inside of the bag first or after you've wrapped your package. Try gluing on a picture of the recipient as a kiddo or a picture of a place you know they'll like.

If you have an herb garden, have a look and see how you can work some herbs into your gift wrap. If your gifteé is a foodie, maybe wrap their present in a lovely dish towel and tie a little bunch of herbs on top. It will look pretty and smell good too.

More odds and ends and ideas...

You know those little white doo-dads that you pull out to open a carton of milk or juice? You know, the ones that you can't recycle? Wash them off and save them up -- they look fun on packages too! I like to investigate my tiny junk drawer. The gold baby from the Mardi Gras cake could make a darling gift topper. You're sure to find all kinds of hidden treasure in the junk drawer! :)

For the kiddos, I love to wrap things in cartoon pages from the newspaper. It's colorful and fun and kid oriented.

I enjoy adding texture too. On one package I cut a little strip of bubble wrap I had lying around to add a little texture and color.

I hope all your packages are beautiful!

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Hoarder Rehab said...

You are a brave soul to clarify or admit that gift bags are a cop out! Thank you for saying it and giving me a quiet chuckle over here!

As a kid, my mum put me in charge of all the gift wrapping! Sometimes I loved it and sometimes not! but you are so right about gift wrapping gives time to think about who it's going to and the anticipation of it's opening!

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