26 November 2010

Consider this while doing your holiday shopping...

With it being the biggest shopping day of the year, you've made a shopping list, a budget, and a mental list of places with great sales you want to check out.  But before you go bouncing out the door to get your shopping done, think about these things...

-where is what you want to buy coming from? country of origin?
-what kind of labor is being used to make that item? adults or children?
-is the person who made that item being paid a fair wage?

With these thoughts in mind, please consider shopping local and supporting the US economy. Try supporting the mom and pop shop in your area. Think about shopping the area craft fairs for gifts for your family and friends.

I discovered the Products of Slavery site today and found it sad to see how many places child labor or forced labor is being used. Please be thoughtful when you do your shopping.

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