07 August 2008

Count down to the olympics...

Well finally, the Olympics opening ceremony is almost here -- it's tomorrow evening! Yea!

A neighbor of mine is having an opening ceremony party complete with authentic Chinese cuisine and plenty of cheering.

If we set aside the political conflicts, it is really exciting that athletes on this very elite level are getting together to compete. I find it really interesting to hear the stories of how people became athletes or their story of how they got to the olympic level.

I love to watch the water sports -- swimming and diving. The track events always keep me on the edge of my seat. And the gymnastics event always amaze me -- those gymnists are incrediblly nimble.

What's your favorite Olympic event?


Ronalyn said...

Diving has always been my favorite, too. My dad was a wonderful diver and I loved watching him dive off the high dive when I was a kid.

kim* said...

wow i have been seeing quite a few blogs about the olympics. why a m i so out of knowing this...see that is why i like reading blogs, it takes me out of my bubble. lol

my boyfriend is playing a show at night so i dont think i will be able to see the first day o' olympics.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

How lucky you are to have such a fun party planned. I hope it all went well. yes the gymnasts have this house hold glued to their seats!

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