25 August 2008

Green Living - Brick & Mortar

Over the weekend, I explored a really cool "green" store here in DFW called Green Living. Don't fret if you don't live close (it's located in Lakewood) because they have a website too!

Here's one of my favorite things I saw while I was there. It's a Cosmic Swirl Skirt made from hemp and cotton and dyed with low impact colors. It looks like it would be perfect for the summer/fall transtition here in Texas. The colors are great!

Be sure to check out their site they have great stuff that's earth friendy. Everything from baby things, floor tile, cleaning supplies, clothes, gifts, cards, bags, water bottles, recyced jewelry and earth friendly carpeting.


Steph said...

I love that skirt!

RainbowMom said...

Oh my! I adore that skirt! Right up my alley as well. Thanks for showing it off. :) Peace!

Katie said...

I love that skirt too!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Ooh that looks comfy. I'll be checking out that site.

Chris Stone said...

beautiful skirt!

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