02 August 2008

ice cream and bellyaching

Here in Texas we have a yummy brand of ice cream called Blue Bell. It's incredibly delicious and if you didn't know better you'd think someone's grandma mixed it up and got her grandkids to crank it in the old-fashioned maker with ice and salt. Ok, so with that said, I was waiting in an incredibly long line at the grocery. There was a little girl (I'm guessing about 2 years old) in the cart in front of me and we were making faces at each other to pass the time.

Then I overheard this conversation coming from over my shoulder and I had to smile. Their was a very deep voice carrying on about the price of half-gallon containers of Blue Bell. Asking how he was supposed to get through the Texas summer with out his Blue Bell. His female companion let out a big sigh and asked, "How long are you going to go on about this?". To which he replied, "Ask anyone in this line what they think. Babe, last week they were selling it for $2.69 and this week it is back up to $5.69! How can they possibly look themselves in the mirror without seeing a thief? I mean, it costs more per gallon than gas! " By this time, everyone in line is listening sort of non-chalantly and waiting to see what will happen next.

By this time, it's my turn to pay and I'm wondering if the deep-voiced ice cream lover will hold his tongue when it's his turn to pay or what. As I pick up my bags and head toward the door, I can hear him ask the cashier why Blue Bell ice cream went up $3 in one week. Oh boy...

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lovemaryxoxo said...

ha ha...wonder if they gave him a coupon.

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