23 June 2008

summer yummy

One favorite summer treat - popsicles. Seller eenodol has a cutie crochet pattern for this adorable treat on etsy. Please check out this fun shop.

You can make your own with Dixie cups and wooden popsicle sticks - here's the recipe.

Pick a liquid to use for your pops -- juice, koolaid, tea, soda, coffee or chocolate milk. Or a combination if you like. Coffee with chocolate milk (equal parts) makes a lovely delicious mocha pop. Half orange juice with half gingerale makes a refreshing citrus pop. The herbal teas with a little honey make a nice lightly flavored pop. Use your imagination and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  1. Fill the Dixie cups about 3/4 full of liquid. If you would like the add fruit pieces, go for it (a sneaky way to get in a serving of fruit) -- pineapple chunks, strawberry slices, halved cherries, halved grapes, melon balls, kiwi slices or blueberries. Koolaid with fruit pieces always looks fun and tastes good too -- a party on a stick. I love party on a stick! :)
  2. Then insert a wooden popsicle stick into each cup -- if you'd like them centered in your pop - you can use a piece of plastic film on each cup to keep the stick in place as the cups freeze.
  3. Give them a few hours to freeze through. When they are ready peel away the paper cup and enjoy! If you have messy wee ones - slide the cup down the stick slightly - the cup will help catch those pesky drips.


Stockton said...

I love these summer-y posts, thanks for sharing!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Oh I love it! I'm gonna try the citrus and gingerale one ! Thank you for the post :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, they sound great..will give them a try. Thanks for sharing..

SimplyGrove said...

FUN Post! Cant wait to try these.

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