04 June 2008

Do you RME?

Revolution Money Exchange (RME) has made quite an entrance on Etsy. Many sellers love it and accept it. Others have their doubts or have had less than impressive experiences.

What is RME?
It is a payment service similar to PayPal. The difference is that with RME, you can send money for free to other RME members. This service is based in Florida has been around since 2007, it seems like they have recently been marketing quite a bit offering $10 in your account for each person you refer who signs up. That's a pretty nice incentive. If you'd like the link to join, just leave a contact email here and I will send you a link.

Unfortunantly, RME accounts are only available to US residents at this time. It is my understanding is that they are looking to expand this.

What are your thoughts on RME?


Morning Artist said...

Thanks for sharing this very useful info. I'll go ahead and explore RME.

Arty Diversionist said...

That's useful for when it eventually reaches ol' blighty! Thanks :)

Mystique Island Photography said...

I was thinking to sign up for RME, but since they asked for SSN, I have to think twice..we'll see, maybe after I hear a lot of good reviews, I'll sign up :)

SimplyGrove said...

You create such lovely things!!!

DreamON said...

RME is another thing I need to check out, but there's a long list. It sounds good tho.

Alicia said...

Hey My name is Alicia!

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