09 June 2008


I was reading the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning news yesterday and this graphic made me gasp!!! Beer, coffee and water are more per gallon than gas? Hmmm...interesting.

Currently, I am working at home a few days a week. This is helping hugely with my gas bill. In addition, the days I am at home, I eat lunch at home which cuts yet another cost. I am using more electricity at home by throwing in a load of laundry when I take an eye-break from the computer but laundry has to get done and I would be doing it anyway just at another time. So overall there seems to be a savings in resources and time - since my 2 hour commute has been greatly reduced for the work week! More benefits, the time spent working at home is MORE productive -- no interruptions, can listen to the music I like, and there's no office politics!

What changes have you made recently to conserve your resources? Please share, we can all benefit from each other's experiences.


Cindy said...

Wow that is an interesting piece of info for a gallon. I do stay home to work also. That helps us quite a bit. We try not to put the air conditioner one until we really need it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Gabriel's Aunt said...

Wow, good point!

You live in my hometown! I am an Irving girl!

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