30 June 2008


ok, I had so much fun searching for my own name on etsy that I picked another name at random and here's what I found. To be honest, this may become TOTALLY addicitive. Here's what I found...

Pierre original painting by Vivienne Strauss from vivstrauss

and Petit Pierre, a pocket fairy tale (how cool is that?) by lapomme

This magnet by FunkyFolky is too cute!

and this colorful pendant by SelenaFlora


Cindy said...

Those are all adorable! You have great taste!

Art for Hair said...

Great items! I love the pendant and drawing.

LeaKarts said...

What fun stuff! I love the little fridge magnet!

quaint handmade said...

thank you for stopping by our blog! i love that Petit Pierre and everything on our list!

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