16 November 2013

Cap the Tap? Really?

I've always heard that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is good for you. I've been told this by many physicians, nutritionists and my mother. I feel better when I drink water and it is my drink of choice in most cases. So I was shocked to hear that a large corporation is doing something sneaky to try to get us all to "cap the tap".

Considering the health concerns and obesity problems in the US, you'd think we could all work together to help each other make healthier choices. Drinking something other than water on occasion is a treat or a special event -- but strategically and secretly scheming - that's another story.

Coca-Cola has put a plan in place to get servers and restaurant workers to do their best to get you to drink their products instead. Read all about it here via Huff and let me know what you think in the comment section  below.

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Eco Thrifty Living said...

That's awful! Thanks for raising awareness of this issue! Found you through Reduce Footprints #MtaGt.

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