23 November 2013


So on my walk around the lake last week I saw something that really bothered me. There was a small group of middle-schoolers waiting for the school bus that were yelling and throwing acorns at the ducks. As I approached them, I considered if I should say something and if so what exactly to say. Thankfully, there was enough distance for me to give it some careful thought. I didn't want to come across as an adult worth ignoring but really make them think about their actions.

As I got in hearing distance of them, I said, "How would you like it if they did that to you?"

It got quiet all except for the ducks quacking. The kids dropped their acorns and looked at me, mouths agape. I kept walking. As I rounded the next curve in the sidewalk, I could see them out of the corner of my eye going back to their backpacks to wait for the school bus.

I think I shocked them because most adults walking by didn't say anything. I made them think and reconsider their actions and I'm glad they stopped terrorizing the ducks.

It's amazing to me that unsupervised kids in groups that know better will do destructive things out of boredom. Let's keep them engaged in conversation, reading and positive things instead.

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Caitlin said...

Great post! I'm glad you told them something, and I'm extra glad they listened!

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