21 November 2013

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away? Wow it really snuck up on us, huh? Here's a little free printable worksheet to help you get it all organized. A place to get it all on paper.

Make a list of your guests. This will help you visualize how to seat them all and remember who has special dietary needs to consider.

Make your shopping list. Survey your list of dishes, list of guests and your pantry to figure out what you'll need to pick up at the market. Mark the things on your list that you can look for at your farmer's market. Shop early to avoid the rush and so you can make a last minute trip for any forgotten items.

Write down all the dishes you plan to make. Bust out the recipes to see what all you want to make them and maybe recruit your willing guests to help with the cooking.

List all the activities that you can get help with leading up to the meal - like setting the table. These are fun things you can get help with that will get everyone involved and take a little pressure off you. Also list some things to do after the meal to do as a group to be active - play catch or talk a walk. We all want to avoid the food coma. I love to talk about what everyone is thankful for too.

Anything that you don't want to forget goes here - like when to take the turkey out of the freezer so it's thawed in time, when to pick up Aunt Mabel from the airport, etc.

Just double click the image to open it, save it and print it on a letter size sheet.

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