08 May 2013

Earth Day Event in Fort Worth

At a recent corporate Earth Day event, I made some fun discoveries - vendors, ways to serve up flatware and some new friends.

The event getting set up.

Ranchman's Soapery table.

I was really lucky to have Ranchman's Soapery as my vendor-neighbor. They were really nice and added a delish fragrance to the event. I think people were naturally drawn to their yummy smelling table of soaps. You can check out all their goodies for yourself here.


The product that seemed to get the most comments was a soap bar called "Stinky Dog". It can be used to wash dogs or humans. It got lots of giggles and was really popular. I chose a soap -- cucumber. It's a very mild fragrance and very rich and creamy -- and a gorgeous color. Can't wait to try some of their other fragrances too!

Flatware dispensery.

This facility had some really cool green accessories. I love their very "Sheldon Cooper friendly" flat wear dispenser - one of my faves. It keeps things clean, tidy and recyclable. You just press the handle on the right and one piece of flatware at a time is dispensed. Clever! 

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