09 February 2011

Dreaming, Motivation, Celebration with Megan Monique

How do small business people get from here to their dream?

I think any good, solid creation starts with baby steps. I mean in a logical sense you can't get from here to there without first taking one step. It is a completion of those steps that equal the big picture. My advice it to write out your 'big picture' get a good idea of what it looks like, and then break it down into much smaller, bite size, baby steps. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you are excited about making that small stride and actually being able to accomplish it rather than being overwhelmed and stuck in the big picture. Get it? Got it? Good.

Also- if you are person who is terrible at getting organized and breaking things down. Look around you. If you don't know a fellow blogger or good friend who is great at this stuff then post something on Twitter. There are millions of us detail oriented people out there who are willing to help someone out. & if you can't find someone to do it for free, there are always people like me who do business strategy for a living!

What do you think is the one most important thing one should do to stay motivated while growing their business?

For me the greatest key to staying motivated is getting really clear about my intention behind my creation. When I am able to see what that it is, it is easy for me to stay motivated. I am sure some of you are thinking, 'my intention is to make money' and of course that is true, but really- why did you start your business?

Most likely it was because it is something you are truly passionate about. It is easy to lose sight of that passion when you have to deal with things like paying bills and finding clie
nts, etc. However, when you are able to stay completely present to that intention, that passion - the money will find you. Your energy will attract abundance.

What is the best way to set goals and hold yourself accountable to them? What is the most gratifying way to celebrate your success?

The best way for me to set goals is with numbers. Whether it is making a weekly to do list of 10 fun, easy, but necessary things or creating a goal for my eCourse registration I love playing with numbers. The most gratifying way to celebrate my success is to allow myself to get REALLY happy about my accomplishments. Dancing crazy in my office, jumping up and down, smiling from ear to ear and screaming if I feel like it. Just really allowing my spirit to come alive in the face of my accomplishments.

Anything else inspiring you want to share?

The sooner you stop telling yourself all the reasons you can't do something,and all the things that 'have' to be done before you can start your business the sooner your dreams have the ability to manifest. You are ALWAYS the only thing standing in your way of greatness, even if it is just your thoughts. You CAN
do this.

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Megan Monique is a daughter, a girlfriend, a best friend, lover, creator, writer, magnificent manifestor and life illuminator. Her life's purpose is showing people how to access love in every area of their life & helping others get clear on what that looks like.


Roxanne said...

The last bit of advice in response to the "inspiring words" question was truly inspiring. Thank you both for giving me lots to think about.

Sheryl said...

BEautiful... Every word. simple Truth... presented creatively in Love. Just what I needed. Thank you BEautiful Megan! Thank you ALL for ALL you ARE <3

Megan Monique said...

Thank you lovelies for stopping by and reading my interview. Sending you infinite amounts of love.

Karmacrochet said...

Wonderful interview! :)

Megan Monique said...

Thank you Karma XO

aquariann said...

Great advice! Thank you for sharing such a motivating interview.

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