30 September 2008

Timeout for Legislature?

With all the financial woes being felt in our country at this time, I have to say I was really disappointed to see that Congress made no progress yesterday with the Rescue Bill. How could a Congress full of adults act this way? The stock market took a hit of 750 points yesterday! OUCH! As circumstances worsen, this is not the time for hemming and hawing, this is the time for concise and accurate decision making!

Is it possible that Congress needs a timeout? Or perhaps a virtual kick in the patootie? They are acting like children -- pointing the finger, making excuses and assigning blame. They need to come together and remember that before political affiliation we are all Americans!! The best for our country should be the focus right now in Congress - nothing else!!

Recent events will definantly affect how I vote at the polls on November 4th. Please make sure you are registered -- times running out to get registered in time!

OK, rant for today is over...thanks for reading!


Hobocamp Crafts said...

I know it is a pretty sad state these days. I'm looking forward to Thursday night's debate.. but I'm not sure why!
Your bee brooch is super cute!!

Rosebud Collection said...

I laugh at your rant..I don't even dare start..I had a great idea for a bail out plan..All the CEO's throw in their pention/salaries and perks..bet there would be left over money after everything was paid..Now isn't that a great plan? You can see they would never keep me in Washington long..ha, ha..

Debra said...

Ha ha....I agree with Rosebud Collection!

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