15 September 2008

General Silliness for Monday!

Thanks to brightonearly for providing some words. Hope this makes you giggle...

Today we are going to study the lifestyle of huge and gross animals. The word dinosaur comes from the Greek words deinos meaning pillow and saurus, meaning tornado. No one has ever seen a handicapped dinosaur. We know about them because bananas called paleontologists found their motocycles preserved in rocks. Dinosaurs were almost evenly divided between carnivores, who only ate ghosts, and herbivores who only ate movie stars. At one time, they were over 964 different types of these purple beasts roasming the face of the ruler. They range in size from those as large as a Tyrannosaurus Britney Spears to those as small as needle. Today a dinosaur would be impossible to find as a tornado in a haystack.

Tee hee - Happy Monday!

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