30 January 2014

Moving...Box 3

Don't be afraid to ask for help...

The majority of my friends that know I'm moving have offered to help in some way or another. It doesn't have to be helping to move the big heavy boxes. It could be something as small as helping put shelf paper the cabinets of the new place. And really it could be a fun giggly time to be had with some tea and cookies and giggly girl chatty time.

Or it could be as simple moving some delicate things that you'd rather the movers not take care of like moving your plants or your clothes. Your home is a really personal place and who better to help you get settled in than a friend who knows you well.

Do you  homework and have some little snacks and drinks on hand. Make it fun so you can get something done while you enjoy time together too. Sometimes it's nice to have another set of eyes help you figure out where to put that oddly shaped table for most efficient space usage.

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