23 January 2014

Moving...Box 2

 So you're moving? Let's get it all organized!

There's a lovely free printable calendar over on Oh My Handmade Goodness by Joy Ting Charde (color options available) I'm using this to count down the days I have left to pack for the move. Figure out scheduling utility tun on and offs, etc.

Here are some other things you may want to include on your list, calendar or weekly planner;
• Turning in notice, if applicable
• Finding a relocation specialist
Submit Change of Address, online if you like
• Utility transfers
• Date to turn in your keys
• Date to pick up new keys
• Schedule movers
• Sending out change of address cards
• Schedule a housewarming party

How will you pack your things?
Will your movers be doing this for you? or do you need to do this yourself? If you're packing yourself, you'll need to collect your own boxes. Groceries, copy shops and liquor stores seem to be good sources of cardboard boxes. (Most of the time free.) Another option that is new in the last several years is renting reusable boxes for your move. Services like this one will drop off and pickup the number of boxes your order for a small fee. I like this option for its' green appeal - there is no waste since it is reusable. I would have tried this if I hadn't already started collecting cardboard boxes the old school way. There's always next time right?

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