01 June 2013

June? Already?

Wow, this year is really flying by! :)

What green changes have you made so far this year? This month is the mid-point of the year. A great time to assess your green progress and make plans for more green growth for the remainder of the year.

I've been steadily adding to my 3 good things for the earth a day. I'm now up to 5 per day. Some of my faves are;

• working from home at least two days a week
• shopping at the farmer's market every weekend (now that it's open every weekend)
• always using my reusable bags no matter where I shop
• combining car trips and carpooling
• using both sides of the paper
• reusing my secret shredded documents for packaging when mailing goods
• swapping unused art supplies with other artists or donating them
• recycling everything I can
• purchasing products with reduced packaging or buying in bulk

What are your fave green changes you've made this year?


Pili said...

Great ideas!

Small Footprints said...

Wow ... you're doing a LOT! I love your list! Each action has such a huge impact. Just imagine how great things would be if everyone took the actions you're taking. :-)

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