20 June 2013

New Packaging?

Sweet Orange Tazo Tea is one of my faves, especially in the hot Texas Summer. On a recent grocery adventure to replenish my tea stash I noticed that they have re-branded. This made me so sad. Their previous packaging with the bold black bar at the top with the pretty window pane background. Although their new packaging is clean and easy to read, it seems like it lost a little bit of its' charming personality.

Brands go through lots of changes over time -- little tweeks, additions and adjustments. This seems like a major overhaul. I still love their tea but it will take some time to get used to their new package look.

Being a visual person, sometimes when these rebrands happen, it makes it virtually impossible to find what I'm looking for. If the package has always been orange and now it isn't, well it'll take me a while to figure that out and find it. Old habits die hard!

Have any of your fave brands fallen victim to the rebrand?

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