05 February 2013

Fun Read With Good Info

A friend recommended Jane Goodall's Hope for Harvest: A Guide to Mindful Eating and I'm so happy she did. I'm suggesting it to you too as a nice read that's educational too. (Jane does have a great English sense of humor.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book -- it had a little bit on the flavor of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring only about food. It tickled my fancy that she also shared an average day of what she eats. (Not what you'd expect.)

I think the more we learn about where our food comes from and how it's cultivated to more wisely and thoughtfully we can consume. The research that she shares about how animals given the choice between GMO and Non-GMO food always choose the Non-GMO food option.

I so wish there was an app for that! Aim your phone at a food, take it's picture and see where and how it was cultivated to decide if its' consumption is a good idea for you or not. Not sure if that app will be a reality anytime soon but it sure would be helpful.

Thoughtful consumption is an idea that translates nicely into other things we consume as well. Supporting local businesses and farmer's markets has become a large deciding factor in so much of what I consume.

I absolutely love that the lady that I buy my carrots from at the farmer's market can tell me that they were grown without chemicals, picked last night and that she's been roasting them in the oven with balsamic vinegar. Fresh and healthy, lovingly hand grown veggies and recipes to boot – what more could we ask for? I can totally tell the difference between a farmer's market carrot and the dried up ones from the grocery store.

This post is linked up over on the Green Sisterhood Reading list.

Have a read, let me know what you think. Please leave and earth friendly reading suggestion in the comments as this is meant to be a conversation! :)

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What I Want My Kids To Know said...

Jane Goodall is amazing I have read all her books but this one really touched such a modern issue of consumption and our food supply.

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