01 February 2013

Adventures in Shopping: Mint

Ok, I confess, I shop in more than one place for food. I shop twice a week and go to the Farmer's Market whenever it's open.

Today I went to pick up some fresh things (they go fast) and mint was on my list. When I went to check out, the clerk who was very young. He looked at my beautiful bouquet of fresh mint, smelled it and then asked, "What's this?"

To which I replied, "It's Mint."

He proceeded ring up the rest of my basket and to tell me that the only way he had ever tasted mint was in gum. Oooh that made me feel sorry for his taste buds. I love to put it on my fresh fruit salad, in lemonade, in herbal tea, in desserts, in yogurt to make sauce and on Thai inspired salad rolls.

How do you use your fresh mint?

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