12 February 2013

2013 Changes - Updates

Well, since my wheat free proclamation I have been feeling loads better. I've been trying veggies in different ways, have a new perspective on meat and seasonings.

I was recently faced with a weird situation at a show where I had gone through my happy healthy snack and was still hungry and unable to leave to get a meal. The group of vendors ordered pizza and I ate a little bit thinking that this was better than getting that ugly grouchy low blood sugar dip. OMG, what was I thinking? I was clearly not making good decisions!!

Since the last week of 2012, I have been wheat free. I have been feeling fab and had to idea what a SMALL wheat relapse would result in! The next morning I woke up fuzzy brained, exhausted and thirsty. My joints ached, my head ached and I felt like a total grouch!! (Quite honestly, I wondered if I had the flu.)

Well, it was the wheat flu. My body was asking in all it's aches and pains what the heck I was thinking putting wheat in my system after getting it all sparkly clean and happy. Clearly, I was NOT thinking, I was hungry.

New proclamation, don't go anywhere with out at least three snacks!! *sigh*

How are your new year eating changes going?

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