02 October 2011

What About Anniversary Gifts? Year One

Anniversaries are the celebration of a date when something special happened. The founding of a country or date of a wedding. For wedding anniversaries, there is a set tradition of what makes an appropriate gift. I'm starting a special series here to discuss the traditional and modern twist suggestions with options of handmade items that would make lovely gifts that mark a special occasion.

The first year gift tradition is paper. So, something like this personalized stationery would be a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

ColorBoxDesign has a beautiful array of letterpress monograms to choose from - I'm partial to these Victorian Notecards, $20/set

A more modern twist on first year anniversary gifts is clocks.

This Recycled La Villajoyosa Bonbones Espana Tin Clock $38 is available in my etsy shop, La Alicia. Something like this would be perfect for a couple that loves Spain and Bombones.

What are your favorite kinds of anniversary gifts?

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Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

We just celebrated our first year. My step-son told his dad to get tickets to Lion King in 3D since it was a paper anniversary. LOL

We are really pinching pennies. So he left really unique and funny greeting cards each day that week. It was sweet.

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