10 October 2011

EcoMonday: Farmer's Market

This weekend, I had a booth at the White Rock Local Market. Many vendors were concerned about the possible traffic because it was a huge sports weekend in DFW. Although traffic was a little lighter than usual this month, I think the buzz is building for the next couple months and we had a great time. Have you thought about where you might do your holiday shopping this year? The Farmer's Market is a great place to find fresh produce and herbs, handmade soaps, wines, olive oil, and handmade goodies of all kinds.

I love selling at the WRLM -- everyone is SO nice! I can meet other vendors, get first pick of awesome produce and learn what other small businesses are in town. Being there builds a sense of community and it's great to see the same faces each month. There are always babies, kids and animals -- a true eye buffet that keeps things light and entertaining.

It's so important to support your local Farmer's Market and local economy. Find a Farmer's Market close to you by entering your zip code at localharvest.org

Happy Eco Monday!

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Pili said...

I wish we had more farmer's market around here! I'd love to go shopping for veggies there!

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