01 October 2010

Getting ready for Halloween

 This year, with the thought of a healthier Halloween celebration in mind, here are a few calorie free treats.

Candy Wrapper earrings are fun, eco-chic and earth friendly. There are no calories, no cavities and can be found here.

Candy Corn lip balm. I didn't know this existed but a quick search on Etsy can find all kinds of fun alternatives to sugar for your Halloween celebration.

This Tiny Pumpkin Crown is adorable and would be perfect head wear for all those fun activities leading up to the big day.

With the epidemic of childhood obesity, please consider focusing on things other than candy this Halloween.


Mandy said...

Great ideas~ I'm totally that mom that would be handing out apples for the same reasons... I'll have to check out your picks! Over from the etsy forums~ happy Weekend!

Pili said...

What lovely ideas! Great picks! I love the idea of candy corn lip balm!

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